Cindy Kyle Photography | About

Specializing in treasured images of graduating seniors.

Most days you can find me sipping tea with my awesome hubby, trying to wear out our playful and energetic yellow lab, or baking something sweet in the kitchen. I love serving the world best by carving out spaces for hospitality, inviting people to be themselves and to connect and to lean into the life that God is leading us all through.⠀

It doesn’t take long to figure out that I’m a bit of a “messy”, meaning my life is organized into creative and well intentioned piles of notes and pictures that make sense to me, but hardly anyone else. And all that hair on my head, it’s usually out of control so I’m really a fan of the ubiquitous “messy bun” :)


During each photo session I strive to capture my client's unique personality in an outdoor setting at a relaxed pace. I work in and around San Diego County, California. There are so many great locations here!

I combine my love for outdoor photography with my heart for people to capture memories that last. I enjoy working with the unique needs and wishes for each session, and I don't mind lingering for just the right moment, stopping to record that beautiful combination of the right light, colors, textures, and mood.  I often bring a few strong ideas with me, but then I allow room for the moments and photos that happen spontaneously along the way.